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Israeli Court Blocks Naughty 1xBet, Two Other Gambling Websites

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Israeli Court Blocks Naughty 1xBet, Two Other Gambling Websites

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Russian online gambling operator 1xBet among those to face block by Israeli authorities
A Tel Aviv District Court judge ruled earlier this week that three gambling websites targeting Israeli customers should be blocked. The ruling arrived after the cybersecurity unit of Israel’s State Attorney’s office requested action from a district court as part of a crackdown on illegal gambling operations in the country.

With very few exceptions, gambling is mostly illegal in Israel. The country’s existing gambling law currently allows for the provision of sports betting and lottery products only. Online gaming services are banned.

Local news outlets reported that a Tel Aviv District Court judge ruled that the,, and be blocked so they are prevented from targeting Israeli customers.

While the provision of online gambling services on the territory of Israel might be banned, the country has been a preferred destination for a multiple international gambling companies to set up offices in, with 888, Playtech, and Ladbrokes Coral being few of those.

The Monday ruling was based on a 2017 law, under which local District Courts have the authority to block access to websites with improper content as well as ones used for criminal purposes. A number of websites have been blocked following the implementation of the law.

However, experts have expressed doubts about the efficacy and success of blocking websites with content that violates local rules and violations as it is extremely easy to circumvent the ban.
1xBet – Everyone’s Favorite to Block
As mentioned earlier, 1xBet, a major bookmaker and casino games operator hailing from Russia, has been among the websites to face block from Israeli authorities. And it should be noted that the operator has somewhat turned into one of the industry’s bad boys as its reputation has been challenged on multiple occasions over the past several years.
1xBet was previously found to be featuring fake games posing as ones developed by NetEnt. The operator has removed the games since reports about their existence emerged, but skepticism over its operations will certainly remain.

In addition, aside from Israel, 1xBet has a strong presence on the blacklists of a number of regulated jurisdictions after it has been caught targeting customers in those without holding the necessary licenses to operate there.

In Poland, there are nearly 200 1xBet-related domains to have been added to the country’s blacklist of erring operators. It is also important to note that the local Finance Ministry has been actively adding unauthorized domains to the list since the country market’s re-organization in April 2017.
1xBet has also drawn ire from gambling watchdogs in its homeland and its domains are often part of illegal gambling operation purges conducted by local regulators. And while the operator was found to have blocked access to its main website from within Russia, it has created multiple domains targeting Russian gamblers.

The gambling operation found itself in the middle of a bitter controversy in Italy last year. It was first picked as the official international presenting partner of the Italian Serie A football league for the 2017-18 season. However, the partnership was later on suspended due to heavy criticism from the government and local regulators. 1xBet currently only holds an online gambling license from Curacao.

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