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Number of Korean Teen Gambling Addicts Rises Significantly

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Number of Korean Teen Gambling Addicts Rises Significantly

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Problem gambling and gambling addiction among teenagers is on the rise in South Korea, recently released data by the Korea Center on Gambling Problems (KCGP) showed.
Local news outlet Korea Bizwire reported that the number of teenagers who were treated for gambling addiction in 2018 jumped sixfold to 1,027 from 168 in 2015.
That figure was released as part of the latest gambling addiction report by the KCGP submitted to the National Assembly. According to the report, people in their 30s who received gambling addiction treatment last year represented the largest group with 4,563 recorded people. However, teenagers accounted for the steepest increase of people affected by gambling addiction among all age groups.
There were 1,027 teenagers who received treatment for gambling addiction last year. As mentioned earlier, that number represented a massive increase from three years prior. In 2015, the KCGP assisted 168 in their battle against their excessive gambling habits.
South Korea has a thriving casino industry with more than 20 properties around the country, including luxury integrated resorts that feature Las Vegas-style gambling. However, of the nation’s casinos only one allows Korean nationals to gamble at its floor.
Horse racing is the other legal gambling activity in the country. People aged under 18, the legal gambling age in the nation, are not allowed to gamble at Korea’s casinos as well as to place money on horse races.
Korean Teenagers Hooked on Online Sports Betting
Online gambling is illegal in South Korea, just as it is in most of East Asia. However, the nation’s Center on Gambling Problems has established that digital sports betting has been among the most popular gambling products among Korean teenagers.
Despite the illegal status of online gambling in Korea and other countries in the region, circumventing the existing restrictions and accessing an online casino or sports betting website could be an easy task, particularly for tech-savvy teenagers.
According to KCGP’s recent report on gambling addiction in the country, 95% of the teenagers treated last year had fallen victim to excessive gambling via illegal gambling websites.
It was also revealed that the number of teenagers who actually quit gambling after receiving a treatment declined last year. Only 23% of all treated teenagers stopped wagering money after their treatment. The figure reported was the lowest among all age groups.
In comparison, 48% of all treated teenage gambling addicts quit gambling in 2016, and 30% ended their dangerous habit in 2017.
The recently released report was KCGP’s latest on teenage problem gamblers. Last fall, the center revealed the results of a survey conducted with high school students living on South Korea’s Jeju Island. It showed that nearly 12% of the island’s high school students were at high risk of becoming gambling addicts.
One of the surveyed teenagers told KCGP researchers that he had lost more than KRW10 million while engaging in sports betting and other online gambling activities. He further revealed that he had stolen money from friends and family to fuel his dangerous habit.
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